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Zaurus Security Tools

     Hi all, my name is Adrian Crenshaw. I have a strong interest in the topic of computer security and love futzing around with technology. Most of the best network security and penetration testing tools are made for *nix environments, so when I heard about the Sharp Zaurus PDA that ran Linux out of the box it tweaked my interest. The Zaurus makes for a great hacking tool, the price on the older 5500 keeps dropping (I got mine with a WiFi card and a modem for about $200 off Ebay). The following are some of the security tools I have running on my Zaurus 5500, the hoops I had to jump through to install them, and some information on how to use them. While my testing environment is a Zaurus 5500 running OpenZaurus a lot of this information should also apply to other Zaurus models and to Ipaqs and Axims running some kind of ARM Linux. I had a devil of a time installing some of these apps so I hope this website of my notes helps. If you just want a PDA I would urge you to buy a Pocket PC or a Palm, but if you like Linux and Networking definitely go for A Zaurus. If any of the information on this page becomes out of date please email me so I can update it.

     Updates: I'm working on updating these pages to work with OpenZaurus 3.5.1 so bear with me. If a section is marked with Updated for OZ 3.5.1 Then I have gotten around to checking to make sure the app and instruction work with version 3.5.1 (Mostly, I do screw up). Same goes for  Updated for OZ 3.5.3.  I don't always have time to keep this site up to date so email me if you have instructions for newer versions of the software mentioned and I'll update the site and give you credit.

Irongeek's Test Enviroment:
    Sharp Zaurus 5500
Ambicom WL1100C-CF 802.11b Wi-Fi card
TRENDnet/TRENDware TE-CF100 10/100 Ethernet card
OpenZaurus 3.3.6 Pre-1 or 3.5.3 as a do my updates.


Apps I hope to get around to testing: Dsniff tools
My own IPK with all the tools already there?
General Links: http://www.openzaurus.org Get an OS for you Zaurus
a little older:
http://www.killefiz.de/zaurus/ Lot's and lots of apps, some security related
http://www.zaurususergroup.com/ Good site for general info about the Zaurus

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