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Josh Schroeder: CCTV: Setup Attack Vectors and Laws SkyDogCon 2013 (Hacking Illustrated Series InfoSec Tutorial Videos)

Josh Schroeder: CCTV: Setup Attack Vectors and Laws
SkyDogCon 2013

Ever wonder how to setup a CCTV Digital Video Recording security system in your own home or apartment? Well in this talk I will go through how I set one up in my own apartment.

First, I will go over basic setup on how I planned out this project and current price points for entry. This will include what to be mindful of in the way of camera quality, disk space and other features.

In the second part, I will cover attack vectors I considered while setting the system. For example, wireless cameras could be disabled with radio frequency jammers and an outdoor cameras could have the power cut if not correctly secured in conduit.

Finally, I will go over things that you should have in mind in the legal realm for this kind of project. Be forewarned; I am not a lawyer or judge, but I got advise from a NC judge while in school and I have done research to find laws for VA, DC, MD, TN, and NC that cover recording and wiretapping laws. I will follow it up with court cases that surround these laws in order to back up some of the conclusions and decisions I made to build this system.

About the Speaker

Joshua Schroeder currently works as a System Administrator in the Washington DC Area and is an active member of the ramblings of the security group NoVaHackers. He has a masters degree from UNC Charlotte with a Concentration in Security and Privacy, where he was the founder of the 49th Security Division and two time winner of the South East Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition. Previous work includes assisting military and private sector in the areas of web penetration testing, network security and defense R&D, as well as run his own business doing web development, custom coding, and network set-ups. In his free time he enjoys traveling, meeting new people, playing FPS's, and listening to electronic music with a glass of Tennessee's finest Jack Daniels in the ambient light of a green and black screen.


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