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Deconstructing Chaos: through "Behavioral Detection" - Daniel Stiegman (ShowMeCon 2017) (Hacking Illustrated Series InfoSec Tutorial Videos)

Deconstructing Chaos: through "Behavioral Detection"
Daniel Stiegman

ShowMeCon 2017

Most discussions on Cyber Threats and how they relate to the conflict between nation-states, or the companies vs. the lone hacker, bring the reader to thinking in the future. In this discussion, I will bring you backward. In their attempt to understand cyber threats, security professionals typically grasp the minimalist understanding of "Bad Guys do Bad Things." Information Security Professionals sometimes lock themselves into a reaction state that implies a response. That isn,t necessarily the fault of those individuals, as it is a strength within the industry to have what is called "spotlight thinking." Thinking in a way to read numbers, code, structured scientific reasoning can be rigid and responsive. Where it becomes a weakness for organizations is on how to predict, assess, and deter threats to their organization. Working on the "floodlight thinking" processes create professionals who can see indicators, vulnerabilities and associated processes, as it relates to the illicit actors in the national and international focus.

Bio: Daniel Stiegman is a 13 year Army Veteran from O,fallon, MO. Daniel served as an Infantryman, and Analyst. He specialized in Asymmetrical Warfare, Threat Detection and Counter Terrorism. Now, Daniel is a writer and presenter, having some of his work published in Small Wars Journal and presenting for groups like the Professional Investigator,s Council of Greater St. Louis and International Association of Law Enforcement Intelligence Analysts. He volunteers his time with the Missouri Valley Search and Rescue.

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