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The Collission Attack - Attacking CBC and related Encryptions - Fontbonne (ShowMeCon 2016) (Hacking Illustrated Series InfoSec Tutorial Videos)

The Collission Attack - Attacking CBC and related Encryptions

ShowMeCon 2016

The Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) is considered to be one the strongest ciphers in the world. However, it has been shown that patterns still bleed through the encryption and can be used to help break the cipher. As a result, the Cipher Block Chaining

Bio: Dr. Albert Carlson began his hacking career soon after he began taking programming courses in High School in Chicago in 1975. At that time computer use was limited and remote connections to big iron computers had to be done by phone line. Discovering the available information stored on the computer used by the city, Al “modified” the contents. Learning the methods, he became interested in applications in that field. Upon completion of his BSCompEng degree from the University of Illinois at Urbana in 1981, he joined the US Army as a Military Intelligence Officer specializing in Electronic Warfare and Cryptography. Retiring due to injury three years later, he then began a 25 year career in engineering that included work in communications, consumer electronics, transportation/railway systems, electronic warfare, military electronics, industrial control systems, IC design, HDTV, network switching, video compression, embedded control systems, and utility substation security systems. In that time, he has been able to change the state-of-the-art in at least six areas. His projects include: designing the first handsets, chargers for the first European cell phones, a cell phone simulator, design of industrial gas dehydrators for pollution control, design of airborne electronic warfare systems for classified airborne frames, the design of aircraft black box pingers, more than 50 ASICs and 150 FPGAs for various purposes, implementation of some of the first air bubble detectors in IVs, design of the digital section of a capacitive pressure sensor, design of some of the first microprocessor train and bus door systems, implementation of the HDTV chipset for Zenith, and design of some of the first local data loop products for the central office. Later, Dr. Carlson design security for electrical utility facilities.

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