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Nathan Hamiel /Shawn Moyer - Satan is on my Friends List: Attacking (Phreaknic 12) (Hacking Illustrated Series InfoSec Tutorial Videos)

Nathan Hamiel /Shawn Moyer - Satan is on my Friends List: Attacking
Social Networks (Phreaknic 12)

        Social Networking is shaping up to be the perfect storm... An implicit trust of those in one's network or social circle, a willingness to share information, little or no validation of identity, the ability to run arbitrary code (in the case of user-created apps) with minimal
review, and a tag soup of client-side user-generated HTML (Hello? MySpace? 1998 called. It wants its markup vulns back). Yikes. But enough about pwning the kid from homeroom who copied your calc homework. With the rise of business social networking sites, there are now thousands of public profiles with real names and titles of people working for major banks, the defense and aerospace industry, federal agencies, the US Senate... A target-rich and trusting environment for custom-tailored, laser-focused attacks. Our talk will show the results of a series of public experiments aimed at pointing out the security and privacy ramifications of everyone's increasingly open, increasingly connected online personae and the interesting new attack vectors they've created.

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Thanks to the Phreaknic crew, SkyDog, Lady Merlin and the A/V team SomeNinjaMaster, Night Carnage, Greg, Brimstone, Poiu Poiu, Mudflap, and Drunken Pirate for setting up the rigs and capturing the video.

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