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PhreakNIC 16 (2012) Videos  (Hacking Illustrated Series InfoSec Tutorial Videos)

PhreakNIC 16 (2012) Videos

Here are the videos from PhreakNIC 16. Big thanks to Ben the Meek and the rest of the video crew.

Welcome to PhreakNIC - Warren Eckstein

Magnets, How Do They Work? - Michael Snyder

Own the Network Own the Data - Paul Coggin

Something about middleware - Douglas Schmidt

Homebrew Roundtable - Scott Milliken, Erin Shelton

Repurposing Technology - Kim Smith & Kim Lilley

Hiring the Unhireable: Solving the Cyber Security Hiring Crisis From DHS to Wall Street - Winn Schwartau

Network King Of The Hill (NetKotH): A hacker wargame for organizers who are lazy bastards - Adrian Crenshaw

Where We're Going We Don't Need Keys - sp0rus

The Effects of Online Gaming Addiction - Gregory C. Mabry

Android Best Practices and Side Projects - Michael Walker

Starting up a Crypto Party - Peace

Build Free Hardware in Geda - Matthew O'Gorman, Tim Heath

IP Law: Myths and Facts - Rick Sanders

The Safety Dance: Wardriving the 4.9GHz Public Safety Band - Robert Portvliet, Brad Antoniewicz

The Power of Names: How We Define Technology, and How Technology Defines Us - Aestetix

DNS Sec Today - Thomas Clements

Why I am pessimistic about the future - Tom Cross


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