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You Pass Butter: Next Level Security Monitoring Through Proactivity - Cry0, S0ups NolaCon 2016 (Hacking Illustrated Series InfoSec Tutorial Videos)

You Pass Butter: Next Level Security Monitoring Through Proactivity
Cry0, S0ups

Detecting advanced threats to your organization before you file that breach report requires innovative thinking, in-depth environmental knowledge and the implementation of proactive monitoring capabilities. Let's have a discussion on what tools and techniques could be leveraged to turn network monitoring operations into pre-crime detection mechanisms that would make Tom Cruise from Minority Report blush! We will cover some tactics that have had real world success, brainstorm potential options you can implement to stay one step ahead of the adversaries, learn to embrace the attacker mindset on a daily basis and share a drink...or several.

A newcomer to the InfoSec community, cry0 is an aspiring security researcher who chose the red pill. cry0 resides on the #FF00FF team and has 2 years of experience in penetration testing, reverse engineering, threat analysis, network monitoring and headache relief. Some of cry0's hobbies include working on stained glass projects, playing video games, volunteering at animal rescues and dispensing pamphlets of The Good Morty. cry0 also has a bunch of letters behind his name, like OSCP and ACA.

s0ups is a cool guy, his name can be found on many restaurant menus around the globe and he has been volunteering with NolaCon since its first year. s0ups has experience with network security monitoring, incident response, baked goods, malware analysis, threat intelligence, tracert and fighting nonchalant malfeasance. s0ups spends his spare time supporting the global DEF CON groups project, expanding the security community in Louisiana through DC225 and running really far distances through the woods for no apparent reason. @ynots0ups


Recorded at NolaCon 2016

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