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Louisville Infosec 2017 Videos

Louisville Infosec 2017 Videos

        Below are the videos from the Louisville Infosec 2017 conference. Thanks to all the video volunteers for helping me record.

Building an Infrastructure to Withstand
David Kennedy

Learning Crypto By Doing It Wrong
Jeremy Druin

A Needle in the Cloud
Michael Leigh

How to make your next audit less awful: Compliance by Default
Tom Kopchak

Strengthening the Human Firewall
Alexandra Panaretos

Of Flags, Frogs & 4chan: OPSec Vs. Weponized Autism
Adrian Crenshaw

The Enemy Within - Detecting and Mitigating Insider Threats
Justin Wilkins

Assessing POS Devices for Tampering
Chris Gida

Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the ...
Robert L. Brown

Defense Lessons from the Front Lines: Threats, Architecture, and Automation
Kenneth White
(Not recorded)

The Edge of Normal
Mark Loveless

Privileged Account Management: A Sprint Approach
TJ Adams
(Mic was off)

Measuring Cyber Risk with Open FAIR
Apolonio "Apps" Garcia and John Zuziak

Back to Basics - Why You Don't Have to Spend a Fortune for Good Security
Harlen R. Compton, CISSP/Attorney at Law
(Mic was off)

Investigating Malware using Registry Forensics
Jason Hale

Defeating the Modern Cyber Attacker
Travis Funkhouser

Show me the Money! Using the CIS Critical Security Controls to procure funding for your security program
Carla Raisler

Everything I Needed to Know About Security I Learned From The Godfather
Conrad Reynolds
(Not recorded)



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