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Weaponized Security - Kellman Meghu Louisville InfoSec 2013 (Hacking Illustrated Series InfoSec Tutorial Videos)

Weaponized Security - Kellman Meghu
Louisville InfoSec 2013

How dangerous can you get with just the security tools you have today? Do you have access to a technology that makes searching patterns of data in the network very simple? I know I do. Now I want you to imagine implementing that technology on an open wifi and seeing what you find. This talk discusses how a tool to secure people can be turned against them, and the results of random people, leaking data about their computers, and themselves. This is all done with publicly available and commonly implemented enterprise security, just implemented in uncommon ways. PLEASE NOTE: This presentation contains content from a free wifi connection that the users did agree to full release of information in exchange for service, in so much as they clicked accept on a captive portal to get online. You can’t say we didn’t try to warn them. The data extracted from this network in no way reflects the thoughts, feelings or attitudes of the presenter, and some of it may be offensive in nature. Who knows, maybe you are even in this presentation yourself, have you ever used ‘free’ wifi?

Kellman Meghu is Head of Security Engineering (Canada and Central US) for Check Point Software Technologies Inc., the worldwide leader in securing the Internet. His background includes almost 20 years of experience deploying application protection and network-based security. Since 1996 Mr. Meghu has been involved with consultation on various network security strategies to protect ISP’s in Southern Ontario as well as security audits and security infrastructure deployments for various Commercial and Governmental entities across Canada and the Central United States. Other past responsibilities have included day-to-day operational work in complex security networks, policy planning, management and documentation. Prior to joining Check Point, Mr. Meghu has held various network, VoIP and security engineering roles with European telecommunications giant Alcatel, a leading global information technology services company, Electronic Data Systems (EDS), and as a private consultant.

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