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Hacking Survival Hack3rcon 3 (Hacking Illustrated Series InfoSec Tutorial Videos)

Hacking Survival
Hack3rcon 3


So, you want to compute post-apocalypse?

Let's assume that the world as we know it has come to and end. How? EMP? Financial Ruin? Mayans? Depending on how, it actually may make a difference to us hackers. Once we are at the end of the world, how will we get access to the 'tubez? Likely we won't, but we can apply the hacker mentality to bringing it back. However, you'll need to practice, be prepared and learn now in order to be the new Al Gore. Want to learn about the technology and hacker perspective to communicate with the world, when your "world" will end at the end of the block? If yes, this talk is for you.

Larry Pesce

Larry is a Security Evangelist and co-host for the PaulDotCom Security Weekly podcast (www.pauldotcom.com). In the last 15 years in the computer industry he has become a jack of many trades, including, of course, computer security. Larry is also gainfully employed as a Penetration Tester / Ethical Hacker with NWN Corporation's NProtect team (nwnit.com). Larry's interests include geo-location, metadata, recon and long walks on the beach.

Larry is also a prepper. He's always been prepared for the worse, but in recent years Larry has come to believe that, contrary to popular indicators, technology can improve and enrich our lives in a post-apocalyptic, grid down scenario. Larry documents his endeavors into preserving helpful technology, reducing his requirements on disaster relief and hacker mentality to self sufficiency and home protection at his blog, SurvivalNerds (survivalnerds.com).

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