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Frag, You're It - Hacking Laser Tag - Eric Escobar Derbycon 2019 (Hacking Illustrated Series InfoSec Tutorial Videos)

Frag, You're It - Hacking Laser Tag
Eric Escobar
Derbycon 2019

What do inexpensive hardware purchased from Amazon and a little git magic have in common? They are the ingredients to become a laser tag juggernaut armed with unlimited respawns and Contraesqe widespread rapid-fire. Hacking doesn't always have to be so serious; relegated to newsworthy 0days, Nation State actors, and vulnerable supply chains. Sometimes hacks are just to wreck your friends. This talk will dive into how laser tag actually uses focused beams of infrared light (similar to your TV remote) to "tag" your opponent. We'll look under the hood to see what qualifies as "lasers", and how they are interpreted by the game server. I'll discuss how these infrared signals can be replayed stealthily. Then we'll get to the carnage of warehouse Halo godmode.

Eric is a seasoned pentester and a Principal Security Consultant at Secureworks. On a daily basis he attempts to compromise large enterprise networks to test their physical, human, network and wireless security. His team consecutively won first place at DEF CON 23, 24, and 25's Wireless CTF, snagging a black badge along the way. Forcibly retired from competing in the Wireless CTF, he?s now a member of the DEF CON Wireless Village team. Before entering the cyber security arena, Eric attained both a BS and MS in Civil Engineering along with his Professional Engineering license.


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