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Everything Else I Learned About Security I Learned From Hip-Hop - Paul Asadoorian Derbycon 2018 (Hacking Illustrated Series InfoSec Tutorial Videos)

Everything Else I Learned About Security I Learned From Hip-Hop
Paul Asadoorian
Derbycon 2018

Come along on a fantastic voyage and learn Hip Hip and how it relates to information security! When I was growing up there were two things that intrigued me, computers and rap music. Using examples from my favorite genre or music, we’ll explore some interesting facets of rap music, and discuss the lessons and parallels to security today. There will be no half steppin’. It will be dope as it allows us to dig into topics such as: Is security a fad? How do we differentiate a fad from something here to stay? Encouraging youth to become security engineers, a call-to-action for the community. Deviating from established norms and setting trends, few truly change the industry, and who will change the security industry in the near future? Remembering those who have passed on and learning from their work. How true experts practice their craft (and how to best utilize their skills and share the knowledge) Few things are truly original (and it’s okay, in most cases) Not all legends reach the same pinnacle of success. What separates the best from the rest? How experts make career pivots, and actually pull it off New isn’t always better. We all have beefs (and better ways to resolve them. And no, we’re not going to dig into social media beefs) You can expect to learn a little about rap music, and the history of the rap genre, in this talk. We’ll focus on the security side by exploring industry trends and fads, tips on how to manage your career, and how to continue positive trends in the security community. Don’t be whack, attend this talk! This is a sequel to “Everything I Learned About Security I Learned From Kung Fu Movies”, and expectations should be set as such. I will share my favorite lists of rap artists, albums and tracks, and even a few Spotify playlists.

Paul Asadoorian is the founder and CEO of Security Weekly, a security podcast network providing free security information to the community and security market validation to a wide array of security companies. Paul is the primary host to several shows, including Paul’s Security Weekly, Enterprise Security Weekly, providing the security community with valuable knowledge. Paul is also a founding member of Active Countermeasures, a startup dedicated to providing reliable sources of actionable intelligence. Previously Paul has held positions at Tenable Network Security, penetration testing firms, university and other industries. Paul is an IANS faculty member and has presented at various security conferences including RSA, Derbycon, Brucon, SOURCE Conference and more. Paul loves Kung Fu movies, hacking, listening to old school rap and is currently training hard for being iced at Derbycon.


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