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IRS, HR, Microsoft and your Grandma: What they all have in common - Christopher Hadnagy, Cat Murdock Derbycon 2018 (Hacking Illustrated Series InfoSec Tutorial Videos)

IRS, HR, Microsoft and your Grandma: What they all have in common
Christopher Hadnagy, Cat Murdock
Derbycon 2018

Vishing is quickly becoming one of the most dangerous vectors in the world of social engineering. With 1000's of hours of vishing recorded, dozens of pretext's used and thousands of compromises under our belt, Chris will analyze some giant data sets to examine what these threats look like, and how to prepare for the future of vishing. He will delve deep into what we can learn from one of the largest recorded data sets of vishing calls in the world and what that means for the future of social engineering.

Christopher Hadnagy, is the founder and CEO of Social-Engineer, LLC. Chris possesses over 16 years experience as a practitioner and researcher in the security field. His efforts in training, education, and awareness have helped to expose social engineering as the top threat to the security of organizations today.Chris established the world’s first social engineering penetration testing framework at www.social- engineer.org, providing an invaluable repository of information for security professionals and enthusiasts. That site grew into a dynamic web resource including a podcast and newsletter, which have become staples in the security industry and are referenced by large organizations around the world. Chris also created the first hands-on social engineering training course and certification, Advanced Practical Social Engineering, attended by law enforcement, military, and private sector professionals.Chris is also the best-selling author of three books; Social Engineering: The Art of Human Hacking, Unmasking the Social Engineer: The Human Element of Security and Phishing Dark Waters: The Offensive and Defensive Sides of Malicious Emails.Chris specializes in understanding how malicious attackers exploit human communication and trust to obtain access to information and resources through manipulation and deceit. His goal is to secure companies by educating them on the methods used by attackers, identifying vulnerabilities, and mitigating issues through appropriate levels of awareness and security.

@humanhacker @SocEngineerInc @catmurd0ck

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