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Kinetic to Digital: Terrorism in the Digital Age - Kyle Wilhoit Derbycon 2017 (Hacking Illustrated Series InfoSec Tutorial Videos)

Kinetic to Digital: Terrorism in the Digital Age
Kyle Wilhoit
Derbycon 2017

Terrorists have found novel ways to circumvent typical security controls. Examples of these activities come in many forms and can be found everywhere"from using vulnerabilities in software, websites, and web applications as attack vectors, defacing websites to further their political or idealogical viewpoints, all the way to utilizing social networks to convey their messages. No matter what technology or service rolls out in the future, there will always be room for abuse. Terrorist organizations, while taking plays from organized cybercrime or state sponsored entities, are completely different then their counterparts in their methods, ideologies, and motivational factors. Looking closer at terrorist ecosystems, we attempt to understand terrorist organization's abuse of technology and online platforms to benefit their cause. We will focus on their methodologies, their use of the "darkweb", the services they abuse, and the tools they’ve homebrewed to streamline said abuse so that their followers can facilitate their activities much more easily. We will also track financials on the "deep web" attempting to locate financial records of these organizations while also attempting to understand how these organizations are leveraging the "deep web." We will dive deeply into each of the technologies and how they are used, showing live demos of the tools in use.

Kyle Wilhoit is a Sr. Security Researcher (or Purveyor of offensive security) at DomainTools. Kyle focuses on research DNS- related exploits, investigate current cyber threats, and exploration of attack origins and threat actors. More importantly, he causes pain to cyber criminals and state sponsored entities worldwide. Prior to joining DomainTools, he worked at Trend Micro as a Sr. Threat Researcher with a focus on original threat, malware, vulnerability discovery/analysis and criminal activity on the Internet. Previous to his work at Trend Micro, and he was at Fireeye hunting badness and puttin' the bruising on cyber criminals and state sponsored entities as a Threat Intel guy. Kyle is on the Blackhat Guest Review board, and has spoken at over 50 conferences worldwide, including Blackhat US, Blackhat EU, FIRST, SecTor, Defcon, HiTB, Derbycon, and several more. Kyle is also involved with several open source projects and actively enjoys reverse engineering things that shouldn't be. Kyle is a co-author on the book Hacking Exposed Industrial Control Systems: ICS and SCADA Security Secrets & Solutions.


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