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Introducing SpyDir - a BurpSuite Extension - Ryan Reid Derbycon 2017 (Hacking Illustrated Series InfoSec Tutorial Videos)

Introducing SpyDir - a BurpSuite Extension
Ryan Reid
Derbycon 2017

The problem? Too much code, huge dynamic environments, and far too little time. The answer? Automation! During web application assessments, testers often leverage tools like DirBuster to identify valid endpoints/pages through brute force. But what about when they have the source code sitting in front of them? Will they use it to their advantage and automate forced browsing? Some time ago I was working on a hybrid assessment that contained ~2k Classic ASP files. As I spidered the dynamic application, I found I had only discovered ~250 endpoints. Concerned that I may have missed sections of the application simply because they weren't referenced within the immediate portion available from the landing page, I whipped up a quick script to treat all .asp files within the directory as if they were valid resources being served by the web server. No surprise, most were accessible. This one-time Python script turned BurpSuite extension is SpyDir. SpyDir provides an extensible platform to assist in discovery by enumerating endpoints from the source files and the code they contain. In this presentation, I'll go over the tool's aims and uses.

Ryan Reid is a Senior Application Security Consultant with nVisium. He spends his days performing application assessments and his nights building tools to make life easier. In his spare time, Ryan can be found behind his drum set... making far too much noise.


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