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From Gaming to Hacking The Planet - Chris "Lopi" Spehn Derbycon 2016 (Hacking Illustrated Series InfoSec Tutorial Videos)

From Gaming to Hacking The Planet
Chris "Lopi" Spehn
Derbycon 2016

Have you ever wondered if all that time you spend playing games is a waste? I?m here to tell you it?s not a waste. Without gaming, I wouldn?t be where I am today. Gaming taught me how to think creatively, gaming taught me how fuzz all things, and most important; gaming taught me how to hack the planet. We will explore how gaming helped get me where I am today, why you should keep gaming, and how you can start applying what you?ve learned from playing games directly to information technology and security. If you?re lucky, you might even see a demo of the educational game I?ve been developing; possibly even play it!

Chris Spehn (@_Lopi_) is a penetration tester for a company who shall not be named. Chris was formerly a security research intern at Trustwave SpiderLabs as well as professional gamer for Evil Genuises. He attended Illinois State University for Information Assurance and Security. Shortly after his transfer to ISU, Chris started contributing to an open source project called the iDroid Project; he was primarily responsible for implementing GNU/Linux on Apple's iDevices after the Linux kernel had been ported; and was invited to speak at the first Jailbreak conference in London. Chris is also the founder of Illinois State University's first information security club, participated in CCDC for three years, received first place in National Cyber League 2012, and was the red team captain for the Central Illinois High School Cyber Defense Competition. Chris spends most of his free time gaming, researching, and competing in capture the flag competitions. Note: I'm probably going to change this to be more relevant to the talk. For example, adding information about my professional gaming career with Evil Genuises. I've already added this, but I will continue to tweak it.


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