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Metasploit Townhall - David Maloney, James Lee, Brent Cook, Tod Beardsley, Lance Sanchez Derbycon 2016 (Hacking Illustrated Series InfoSec Tutorial Videos)

Metasploit Townhall
David Maloney, James Lee, Brent Cook, Tod Beardsley, Lance Sanchez
Derbycon 2016

The Metasploit Open Townhall is back for its second year, exclusively at Derby Con. Come and meet some of the full time members of the Metasploit Team from Rapid7. All members of the community are encouraged to come, ask questions and give feedback. Some things we're particularly interested in hearing from you, our community, include What parts of Metasploit do you find most useful? What problems do you run into in Metasploit that cause you a lot of pain or trouble? What things is Metasploit not doing currently, that you'd like for it to start doing? Or maybe you have some questions about open source security in general, that's cool too. Whatever is on your mind, come and talk with us.

James Lee (egypt) James Lee, better known as egypt, is a software developer and Open Source Community Manager for Rapid7 where he hacks things with the Metasploit Framework. He is a vocal advocate for open source and strongly believes that open source security tools are vital to the future of the internet. Note that egypt is not Egypt. The two can be distinguished easily by their relative beards -- Egypt has millions, while egypt only has the one. David Maloney (thelightcosine) David 'thelightcosine' Maloney is a Senior Security Researcher on the Metasploit Team at Rapid7. He has been working on Metasploit for nearly 7 years now. Before going to work on Metasploit full time he was a Security Engineer and Penetration Tester for various companies. He was a founding member of Hackerspace Charlotte, a member of the Corelan team, and a sometimes member of the FALE locksport group. In addition to research and engineering efforts, he spends a lot of his time lately working on sharing information and trying to foster collaboration in the infosec community. Brent Cook (busterbcook) Brent Cook is the Engineering Manager of Metasploit at Rapid7, an OpenBSD committer, and the portable maintainer for LibreSSL and OpenNTPD. He focuses on offensive and defensive software engineering. He has worked at BreakingPoint Systems, Ixia, Boundary, and Calxeda in hardware, firmware, and software design roles. Brent has spoken previously at Infosec Southwest 2016 and smaller meetups such as OpenBSD Hackathons and Austin Hackers Anonymous. Tod Beardsley (todb) Tod Beardsley is the Security Research Manager at Rapid7. He has over twenty years of hands-on security experience, reaching back to the halcyon days of 2400 baud textfile BBSes and in-band telephony switching. Since then, he has held IT Ops and IT Security positions in large footprint organizations such as 3Com, Dell, and Westinghouse, as both an offensive and defensive practitioner. Today, Tod speaks at security and developer conferences on open source security software, managing the human "Layer 8" component of security, and reasonable vulnerability disclosure handling. He can be contacted via the many addresses listed at https://keybase.io/todb. Lance Sanchez (DarkBushido) Lance Sanchez is the Lead Software Engineer of Metasploit at Rapid7, a wizard of optimization, a master of reducing test errors, and a continual contributor to open-source projects. Lance actively uses test-driven development to make sure released code works the first time. He has previously worked at InterTrust, Monster, ConnectSolutions, and DCS. He is a lifetime member of TechShop and an active part of the Maker community. He spends much of his spare time learning orbital mechanics to keep his math mind active.

David @thelightcosine, James @egyp7, Brent @busterbcook, Tod @todb

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