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PowerShell Secrets and Tactics - Ben0xA Derbycon 2016 (Hacking Illustrated Series InfoSec Tutorial Videos)

PowerShell Secrets and Tactics
Derbycon 2016

It used to be that most people were just starting to hear about PowerShell. Over the last 3 years, this has changed dramatically. We now see Offensive and Defensive PowerShell tools, exploits specifically leveraging PowerShell and WMI, and more organizations are starting to be intentional for detection and monitoring of PowerShell scripts and commands. With this visibility, it is becoming a game of cat and mouse to leverage and detect PowerShell. In this talk, I will highlight some secrets I use to ensure my PowerShell exploits are successful and some unique tactics which will bypass common defensive controls. I will also walk you through the creation of a custom PowerShell C# DLL which you can use to compromise your target. If you want to code with me, be sure to bring a laptop with Visual Studio 2013 or later installed.

Ben Ten is a Senior Security Consultant with TrustedSec doing penetration testing and consulting. He has spent over 15 years doing Application & Web Development; Security Implementation, Consulting, & Training; Federal Regulation and Compliance oversight in relation to Information Technology (HIPAA, HITECH, PCI); and managing a team of developers and IT professionals. He is creator of the PoshSec Framework and works with the PoshSec development team. He has spoken at several conferences over the past 4 years including ShowMeCon, DerbyCon, BSides Chicago/Raleigh/Dallas Fort Worth, HackCon Norway, and more.


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