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Moving Target Defense - Learning from Hackers - Sachin Shetty Derbycon 2015 (Hacking Illustrated Series InfoSec Tutorial Videos)

Moving Target Defense - Learning from Hackers
Sachin Shetty
Derbycon 2015

Traditional defense models place defenders at a disadvantage. In contrast, adversaries have been developing strategies to maintain their effectiveness and escape from detection. Moving Target Defense (MTD) has been proposed as a game-changing capability for protection of critical computing and network infrastructure by enabling defenders to change system behaviors, policies, or configurations automatically such that potential attack surfaces are moved in an unpredictable manner. In this talk, I will talk about how MTD takes a page from how botnets worked to influence defensive policies to protect cloud and mobile systems. The talk will provide insights into how MTD based defense implemented at program-level( instruction set), host-level( IP address, memory), Cloud-level, Network-level and Mobile device. We will also discuss the when, where, how of MTD. Finally, I will provide results from MTD work done in my lab in cloud security.

Sachin Shetty is a faculty member in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and directs the Cyber Security laboratory at Tennessee State University. His research interests lie at the intersection of computer networking, network security and machine learning. Recently, he has been working on security issues in cloud computing, cognitive radio networks, and wireless sensor networks. His lab conducts cloud and mobile security research and has received funding from National Science Foundation, Department of Defense and Department of Homeland Security. He has authored and coauthored over 60 technical refereed and non-refereed papers in various conferences, international journal articles, book chapters in research and pedagogical techniques.

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