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CyberSecurity Alphabets - Hacker Edition - Reuben Paul Derbycon 2015 (Hacking Illustrated Series InfoSec Tutorial Videos)

CyberSecurity Alphabets - Hacker Edition
Reuben Paul
Derbycon 2015

In this talk, 9 year old, Reuben A Paul (@RAPst4r) will introduce to you CyberSecurity Alphabets covering hacker topics ranging from ARP spoofing to Zero-Day. Using common and everyday examples as analogies, he will also cover most major cyberthreats such as CSRF, Injection, XSS, etc. and demonstrate some hacker attacks. With this being a hacker edition talk, focus will be on the cyberthreats side, but he will also cover cyberdefenses wherever it is relevant. So whether you are a n00b or a l33t haX0r; a red-teamer or a blue-teamer; there is at least one thing, he feels, you are going to learn. Come for a simple and sophisticated, entertaining and educational, informative and inspirational, one of a kind talk and you may even catch him pwning a box or a mobile device - kid style. CyberSecurity Alphabets, Hacker Editon is a must attend talk for anyone who is going to be at DerbyCon. You won't want to miss it says the @RAPst4r :-).

Brief Bio: 9 Year Old Child Hacker / Keynote Speaker / CEO of Prudent Games / CyberShaolin Founder / Cyber Security Ambassador / 2015 Top 50 Cybersecurity Influencer (ranked #37) / Black Belt in Shaolin Kung Fu / Gymnast / Video-Gamer Extended Bio: Reuben is 9 years old kid attending Harmony School of Science in Austin, TX. When asked by his 1st grade teacher to illustrate his future career, he drew on a sheet that he wanted to become a Cyber Spy. Today, he is on his journey to make his dreams come true. For the past couple of years, he has been learning about information security and programming, and in the summer of 2014, with the support of his family, he founded and serves as CEO of Prudent Games Inc, a company that serves to educate while entertaining its customers. Prudent Games has the motto, "Learn While You Play". He is working on developing apps and games that teach Information (Cyber) Security and Math and in the future wishes to include Science, History and Arts. But, Reuben is not just another computer geek. He lives a life on the edge, between his school, as a straight 'A' student and all of his other passions. When he is not playing video games or on the computer, he likes to read, and takes classes to play inline Hockey, Swim, do Gymnastics, Shaolin Do KungFu, play Piano, Drums and do Art. Reuben is an invited speaker, delivering awareness talks and keynotes on the importance of teaching CyberSecurity to kids. He has been featured at several industry leading Information Security conferences such as DerbyCon, (ISC)2 Security Congress, Houston Security Conference, Ground Zero InfoSec Summit in New Delhi, BSides Austin, RSA and Hack In The Box (HITB) HaxPo conference in Amsterdam. His keynote talks on "Creating a Safe and Secure Cyber World for kids (by a kid)", "Developing r00t-kidz: The Future of Cybersecurity" and his debut talk entitled "InfoSec from the mouth of babes (or an 8 year old)‰Û at DerbyCon, has been quoted and referenced by several information security sources and news agencies that call him a "Child Hacker". They have become a source of inspiration to kids and adults alike to start teaching CyberSecurity to kids. In the Cybersecurity 2015: Top 100 influencers and brands, Reuben was ranked #37 amongst many cybersecurity luminaries. With the help of his parents and industry leaders, Reuben also founded a cybersecurity awareness and education organization called CyberShaolin which has the mission to educate, equip and empower kids with cybersecurity knowledge, using videos and games that he is developing. CyberShaolin is a non-profit organization and Reuben would like you to get involved and join hands with him to raise cybersecurity awareness in the community. Reuben is also honored to have become the youngest person to receive the Shaolin Do Kung Fu Black Belt in America which was featured in Fox TV news channel Austin story "7 year old earns Black Belt". He was the gold medalist in the 2014 USA Gymnastics State competition for the 'rings' category and one of the top 10 gymnasts in the 2013 State finals. His twitter account is @RAPst4r.


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