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Metasploit Town Hall - David Maloney James Lee Tod Beardsley Brent Cook Derbycon 2015 (Hacking Illustrated Series InfoSec Tutorial Videos)

Metasploit Town Hall
David Maloney James Lee Tod Beardsley Brent Cook
Derbycon 2015

This will be an open forum discussion with four members of the Metasploit Team. Metasploit has always been a community driven project, and this is an opportunity for the community to directly interact with four of the people responsible for making Metasploit on a day-to-day basis. We'll discuss some of our ideas for the future, and take any questions, feedback or suggestions the members of the community may have. We've been popping boxes together for over 10 years, let's talk about what we can do in the next 10.

David "thelightcosine" Maloney is one of the Senior Engineers on the Metasploit Team at Rapid7. He has been working there for about 4 years, and was a community contributor for a couple years before that while he worked as a penetration tester. He helped found Hackerspace Charlotte in NC, and is a member of the Corelan Security Team. egypt is a software developer for Rapid7 where he is a core developer for the Metasploit Framework. Before devoting all his time to Metasploit, he was a Cybersecurity researcher for Idaho National Laboratory where he discovered numerous vulnerabilities in SCADA and Industrial Control Systems. egypt has presented at Defcon, BSidesLV, Blackhat, Derbycon and other venues. Note that egypt is not Egypt. The two can be distinguished easily by their relative beards ‰Û" Egypt has millions, while egypt only has the one. Tod Beardsley is the Engineering Manager for the Metasploit Project, the world-renowned open source penetration testing platform. He has over twenty years of hands-on security knowledge, reaching back to the halcyon days of 2400 baud textfile BBSes and in-band telephony switching. Since then, he has held IT Ops and IT Security positions in large footprint organizations such as 3Com, Dell, and Westinghouse. Today, he is passionate (some might say militant) about open source software Brent Cook is a software engineer on the Metasploit Team at Rapid7. His responsibilities include Meterpreter, the most well known payload in Metasploit. He is also a member of the LibreSSL development team. (Better Bio forthcoming)


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