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Why Your IT Bytes - Frank J. Hackett Derbycon 2013 (Hacking Illustrated Series InfoSec Tutorial Videos)

Why Your IT Bytes - Frank J. Hackett
Derbycon 2013

Description: Why your IT can’t – won’t – and doesn’t win – AKA Why Your IT Bytes. IT Sec and InfoSec professionals are necessary in this day and age. IT always looks for the quick and dirty fix. They want to keep the end user/manager/C-level happy. InfoSec pros know this isn’t the way. So why the difference? It’s simple, IT doesn’t know. Malware to them is an inconvenience – not a sign of something bigger might be at stake and that’s it’s a deterrent. IT worries too much about losing their job and not enough about what’s really at stake, the data. So how do we educate IT, get help from IT, let IT work for us? First we identify the problems, second we educate, and lastly we implement. Often times many of us don’t want to get our hands dirty with IT work. Many of us left it in a world behind and don’t want to return. It’s time we return to our roots and lift up our computer brethren.

Bio: Hackett plays both sides of the ball. He’s a Security Consultant and doubles as a Senior Systems Engineer. Over the past two years, Hackett has worked under j0e McCray and holds the roll of “Senior r00kie.” While under j0e’s tutelage, Hackett has worked on many high security pentests and developed coursework for security training. Recently, Hackett has worked within his place of employment to launch a new security company offering pentests and vulnerability assessments. If not for the influence of his father, Hackett would not be the computer based professional he is today. Late night games of DOS based Monopoly and “Guess the Password” laid the groundwork for his love of technology and passion for working with computers. Hackett continues his father’s legacy of tinkering by learning something, breaking something, and then making something better each and every day.

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