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RAWR – Rapid Assessment of Web Resources - Adam Byers, Tom Moore Derbycon 2013 (Hacking Illustrated Series InfoSec Tutorial Videos)

RAWR – Rapid Assessment of Web Resources - Adam Byers, Tom Moore
Derbycon 2013

Description: One of the highest threats to organizations today is also one of their most prevalent services available in most cases, web interfaces. The landscape has changed from simple static websites, to fully functional web-based applications that provide access to internal information gold mines. If you’re not testing those of your client organization, expect that someone else is! Our belief is that most organizations have little to no knowledge as to how many internal web resources they have within their environments that could lead to network compromise. By taking an approach to ensure the security of your client’s web interfaces through offensive security, you will find that there is a lot involved – and usually not a lot of time to get from initial scan to report. In this presentation, we’ll introduce RAWR (Rapid Assessment of Web Resources). We’ll cover its inception, hurdles faced, and give some practical advice on how to get the most out of ‘the little dinosaur’. There’s a lot packed in this tool that will help you get a better grasp of the threat landscape that is your client’s web resources. It has been tested from extremely large network environments, down to 5 node networks. It has been fine-tuned to promote fast, accurate, and applicable results in formats that you can use! RAWR will make the mapping phase of your next web assessment efficient and get you producing positive results faster!

Bio: “@al14s’s Bio: (al14s) Adam is a Blue Team member for a Fortune 50 organization, reverse-engineer, and an ardent coder and open source fanatic with development roles on projects such as smbexec and easy-creds. He’s into data forensics, lock picking, and building little robots — and has been voiding warranties since 1985. He loves Psalm 34:6.
@c0ncealed’s Bio: (c0ncealed) Tom is a Penetration Tester and Red Team member for a Fortune 50 organization. He has an extensive background in network administration and web development. He is a graduate of Marshall University, member of 304Geeks, and the Security Awareness Training Framework project. He is an unremitting g33k, husband, father, and christian. He enjoys his 2nd amendment, outdoor primitive recreation, photography, gaming, lock picking, and inserting random single quotes where they don’t belong.”

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