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Raspberry Pi, Media Centers, and AppleTV - David Schuetz Derbycon 2013 (Hacking Illustrated Series InfoSec Tutorial Videos)

Raspberry Pi, Media Centers, and AppleTV - David Schuetz
Derbycon 2013

Description:I have three kids. We take a few reasonably-long car trips each year. Until now, that meant selecting some largish subset of our ever-expanding library of kid-friendly movies, and then enduring endless arguments over which one to watch in the car. Now, as the kids get older, they’ve all got their own iStuff, and we have different problems. Like, they can’t play Minecraft together without a network. So I turned a Raspberry Pi into an access point. Hey, what if I put a DLNA server on that? Now they can each watch their own movies. But what happens when their batteries run out? Okay, let’s put a player on the Pi and hook that to the car system. And once we reach the beach, I’ll hook up the AppleTV and they can watch movies served by iTunes on my…er…on my work laptop? That’s no good. How about I serve movies from the Pi directly to AppleTV as well? Wouldn’t all that be cool? It is. I’ll show you how. And I’ll even release code.

Bio:David is a Senior Consultant with Intrepidus Group, where he performs web and iOS application security testing, penetration testing, iOS research, MDM reverse engineering, and other such fun. He’s fortunate to have spoken at multiple security conferences on topics from rainbow tables to MDM to puzzle contests. When not actively engaged in paying work, David loves solving crypto puzzles, working on side projects and, when he remembers the app on his phone, looking for Geocaches. He can be found on Twitter as DarthNull, and is way behind on his puzzle writeups at darthnull.org

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