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Josh Thomas: Off Grid Communications with Android Derbycon 2012 (Hacking Illustrated Series InfoSec Tutorial Videos)

Josh Thomas: Off Grid Communications with Android
Derbycon 2012 Stable Talk

Tired of the cellular network going down or WiFi being untrustworthy? Join the SPAN team in a deep dive of mesh / mobile ad-hoc networking of Android devices. This talk is an update to our standing room only DefCon 20 that will include new security updates and a new paradigm for device identification and topology management. ?Presentation Outline (reviewers only detailed): Overview: (snagged from our DefCon talk)

Josh "m0nk" Thomas is a Security researcher, mobile phone geek, mesh networking evangelist and general breaker of things electronic. His past projects have commonly spanned the hardware / software barrier and rarely have a UI. He's spent the past 12 years poking at embedded systems, networks, IP stacks, AI and right-time communication systems. A code monkey at heart, m0nk has spent the last year digging deep into Android and iOS internals, with a major focus on both the network stack implementations and the driver / below driver hardware interfaces. He uses IDA more frequently than Eclipse, really just likes playing with gadgets and wants to make the world a better place. His life dream is to ride a robot unicorn on a moonlit beach. Twitter: @m0nk_dot

Jeff "stoker" Robble has been writing Java and Android software for quite a while now and he's become bored pushing blinky lights to the screen. He wanted to dig deeper into the internals of network stacks and smart phone handsets and SPAN was the perfect opportunity. At last count, Stoker was seen carrying 14 Android devices in his backpack and was mumbling something about Ice Cream Sandwich and WiFi Direct scalability.

Big thanks to Damian Profancik for recording these.

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