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Write Your Own Tools With Python! Derbycon 2012 (Hacking Illustrated Series InfoSec Tutorial Videos)

Write Your Own Tools With Python!
Derbycon 2012

Python is a high-level language, good for both scripting and full-fledged application development, with a rich selection of standard and add-on library modules. It is designed for clear and readable code. This combination of intuitive syntax and a wide range of available modules makes it useful for quickly and easily writing tools tailored to specific problems and situations you encounter. This talk begins with an introduction to the data types and syntax of Python, to make it accessible to those who have never used the language. It then moves into descriptions and examples of functions for interacting with operating systems, networks, and web applications.These will include both standard library modules such as os, sys, socket, and urllib2, as well as other useful modules such as Mechanize and Scapy. By the end of the talk, you will know enough about the Python language and its available modules to start writing useful scripts.

Nicolle Neulist

Nicolle Neulist, otherwise known as rogueclown, is an avid learner of computer security, and of Linux. She has been programming in Python for about four years, and it is her language of first resort when she needs to write code that actually works. When she is not sitting at a computer, nicolle is most likely singing, exploring Chicago on public transit, or dyeing her hair some strange colour.

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