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Tactical Surveillance: Look at me now! Derbycon 2012 (Hacking Illustrated Series InfoSec Tutorial Videos)

Tactical Surveillance: Look at me now!
Derbycon 2012

As pentesters we have long attacked large surfaces and attempted to follow the path of least resistance, but what happens when you only have 1 target? This talk will cover the Vast Field of tactical surveillance and show the audience how to go after individual targets. Low and slow, high and low, physical to electronic… This talk will show the many tips and tricks of how to find the information you want, when you want it. Monitoring cellphones without a rootkit, easy ways to take surveillance photos, GPS tracing, Physical access, finding the juicy info, creating moles and intel leaks through blackmail… and more. This talk takes place in the real world with real examples. No 0day… just hard work and results.

Chris Nickerson (indi303)

Chris Nickerson,CEO of LARES, is just another “Security guy” with a whole bunch of certs whose main area of expertise is focused on Real world Attack Modeling, Red Team Testing and Infosec Testing. At Lares, Chris leads a team of security professional who conduct Risk Assessments, Penetration testing, Application Testing, Social Engineering, Red Team Testing and Full Adversarial Attack Modeling. Prior to starting Lares, Chris was Dir. of Security Services at Alternative Technology, a Sr. IT compliance at KPMG, Sr. Security Architect and Compliance Manager at Sprint Corporate Security. Chris is a member of many security groups and was also a featured member of TruTV’s Tiger Team. Chris is the co host of the Exotic liability Podcast, the author of the upcoming “RED TEAM TESTING” book published by Elsevier/Syngress and a founding member of BSIDES Conference.

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