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Roamerand Deviant Ollam Welcome to NinjaTel, press 2 to activate your device now (Hacking Illustrated Series InfoSec Tutorial Videos)

Roamer and Deviant Ollam Welcome to NinjaTel, press 2 to activate your device now
Derbycon 2012

Roamer and Deviant Ollam

Roamer is a department head at DEF CON (yeah…he’s one of the dorks that organizes that crap for you) in charge of the Vendor Area. He has been on DEF CON staff since DEF CON 8. He was the founder of the DEF CON WarDriving contest and ran it the first 4 years of it’s existence, founded the WorldWide WarDrive, wrote a bunch of crappy books that you should totally run out and buy RIGHT NOW!! and has also run the slogan contest in the past. Roamer is the lead guitarist in the DEF CON Goon Band, Recognize (despite what Godminus1 may say). Although having no actual skills his ability to out-drink virtually every hacker in the history of man and has gained him massive prominence in the scene and elevated him to the lofty station you see him in today.

Deviant first gained fame at a 1996 county fair, winning a blue ribbon by standing on his head and idling in IRC channels for four hours straight using his toes to send CTC Pings in order to avoid disconnecting from EFNet. At the same time, he was dictating his autobiography, which due to an editing error was only ever published in Norwegian. Although failing to make it into the New York Times bestseller list, this epic work was unnoffically cited as the inspiration for Sneakers 2, a film that has been tied up in development for years in spite of having Sean Connery, Sean Bean, Sean Penn, and at least four other actors named Sean attached to the project. Here in the heart of bourbon country, Deviant is in awe of all the choices before him… but if you want to show your love he will also accept free glasses of Lagavulin, which you can bet your ass is a better scotch than Johnny Walker Blue.

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