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Introduction to the Nordic nRF24L01+ - Larry Pesce (Defcon Wireless Village 2014) (Hacking Illustrated Series InfoSec Tutorial Videos)

Introduction to the Nordic nRF24L01+ - Larry Pesce

With each passing week more consumer gear is featuring semi-proprietary, short range wireless technology. Of course these new wireless gadgets show up in our corporate environment, on our person, and maybe even saving our lives. In this presentation we will provide an introduction to the nRF24L01+ radio, its capabilities and shortcomings. We will provide examples of how it can be used to audit, test and hack devices, and how it can be used to poke at other technologies such as Bluetooth Low Energy (BTLE) and iBeacon. We will provide implementation examples and tempt the 2.4 GHz demo Unicorns with hardware used at the 2014 Mid-Atlantic CCDC competition.

Bio: Larry is a Senior Security Analyst with InGuardians after a long stint in security and disaster recovery in healthcare, performing penetration testing, wireless assessments, and hardware hacking. He also diverts a significant portion of his attention co-hosting the PaulDotCom Security Weekly podcast and likes to tinker with all things electronic and wireless, much to the disappointment of his family, friends, warranties, and his second Leatherman Multi-tool. Larry also co-authored Linksys WRT54G Ultimate Hacking and Using Wireshark and Ethereal from Syngress. Larry is an Extra Class Amateur Radio operator (KB1TNF) and enjoys developing hardware and real-world challenges for the Mid-Atlantic Collegiate Cyber Defense Challenge. He is also a SANS certified instructor.

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