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UAV-Assisted Three-Dimensional Wireless Assessments - Scott Pack & Dale Rowe (Defcon Wireless Village 2014) (Hacking Illustrated Series InfoSec Tutorial Videos)

UAV-Assisted Three-Dimensional Wireless Assessments - Scott Pack & Dale Rowe

Traditional wireless site surveys produce a heat-map of link strength or quality over a target area, usually on the ground plane. In recent years drone availability has exploded as a result of dropping equipment costs and awesome open-source projects. A quadcopter and site assessment module was built using such open-source software and hardware to perform 3-D site assessments. Data collected during flights was interpolated across the target area, and visualized as KML points and contours to provide context. Resulting visualizations prove to be beneficial in identifying wireless coverage for deploying additional sensors, locating rogue access points, or figuring out the best place to perform wireless penetration testing.

Bio: Scott Pack is a newly minted graduate from BYU’s Cyber Security Research Lab and is now a security specialist at Adobe. Having more hobbies than time or sense, he tinkers with whatever he gets his hands on and passes whatever he learns to whoever will listen. He initially got involved with RC flight while building an RC glider at 9 which he promptly crashed, and he’s been building and breaking things ever since.

Dale Rowe (CISSP, Ph.D. University of Kent) has worked for years as a penetration tester, systems security architect, systems administrator, software engineer and overall IT generalist. He spent five years as a design lead for secure satellite communications systems in the UK before moving to Utah to teach cybersecurity at Brigham Young University. Dale started a student red-team in 2011 and spends his spare time sitting with students and breaking into systems (with permission of course). He teaches a variety of security classes including forensics, pentesting and sysadmin and has published over 20 papers. He loves spending as much of the summer as possible camping with his wife and five children.

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