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Explore Wisconsin Hacker History - Brad Swanson Cyphercon 2.0 (Hacking Illustrated Series InfoSec Tutorial Videos)

Explore Wisconsin Hacker History
Brad Swanson
Cyphercon 2.0

In his talk, Brad will be discussing where we have come from as a hacker culture, and how the past dictates the present. He will touch on some of the famous and infamous hackers in Wisconsin,s history, going back to the 1800s. He will then discuss some of the technology that has come out of Wisconsin that has allowed us to practice and perfect our craft. Wisconsin is home to more than just beer and cheese, and he plans to take the listener on a journey through our history, touching on people and events that are not well known, in addition to the history that we may have forgotten about. This talk will touch on people, places, and things important to not only the Cyphercon 2.0 attendees, but to our future generations. It is up to us to pass that torch!

Brad Swanson (@d1g1t4l_t3mpl4r) is an information security professional, specializing in social engineering and wetware hacking. He got his first computer in January of 1985, and began taking software apart to see how it works, in February of 1985. In the late 80,s he developed a recreational interest, in the phone systems. Now that he,s old he likes to collect vintage, computer and telecom equipment (junk, as his wife calls it). He is most recently coming off a speaking engagement for the State Bar of Wisconsin. He hopes to be a red teamer when he grows up.

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