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Social Engineering for the Blue Team - Timothy De Block Converge 2018 (Hacking Illustrated Series InfoSec Tutorial Videos)

Social Engineering for the Blue Team
Timothy De Block

Social engineering is not just for red team. It,s a powerful tool that the blue team can use to improve security within the organization. Have you ever struggled to get another department to take security seriously? Have you ever been frustrated that security takes a back seat to other priorities? Social engineering is the answer. We can be better at getting our goals and objectives accomplished by improving how we interact with others. This talk will provide tools and techniques to build better relationships. We,ll talk about what we,re doing right and what we,re doing wrong. How to use social engineering to build rapport with your co-workers. We,ll talk about verbal and electronic communication techniques, body language, going the extra mile, and appreciation. Learning the tools and techniques of social engineers will help us build better relationships and influence others in the organization into a better security mindset.

As a senior software security engineer, my job is to work with the development team. I am their security resource. I answer questions and provide guidance on security related topics and decisions. I don,t sit with the security team; I sit with the development team. This means that part of my role is to build strong relationships with the dev team. Having the technical skills is important, but having the soft skills to influence the team into better security decisions is even more important. This wasn,t always the case. I struggled with relationships. I slowly got better at building relationships and starting excelling at work. I,d like to share that with the infosec community. Improving our interactions with co-workers can helps us make a huge security impact in our organizations.

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