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That’s still not my RJ 45 Jack - IRL Networking for Humans Pt. 2 - Johnny Xmas Converge 2015 (Hacking Illustrated Series InfoSec Tutorial Videos)

That’s still not my RJ 45 Jack - IRL Networking for Humans Pt 2
Johnny Xmas

We're smart. We're incredibly tech savvy. We can rock some mad OSINT with our Google-Fu. We're 85% +-10% sure which part of the body a hat goes on. We think you can never have enough beard. WE THINK THAT'S ACCEPTABLE. The second in his multi-part series on building social prowess, this talk will focus on the inconvenient truth of your book always, always, always being judged by its cover, and how to deal with that with minimal effort so you can get back to sewing more pockets on your utilikilt. This talk covers both male and female situations, though it is primarily unisex. We'll get you set up with a core wardrobe and hygenic skillset so you'll be able to roll out of bed, spend minimal time "getting ready," rock the dreaded client-facing meeting or industry meetup, and get you back home where you can safely take your pants off.

Johnny Xmas is a human being who speaks words. A lifetime of studying magicks of the Enochian, Golden Dawn and Icelandic Runeology / Galdrabók as well Hellenistic spellcrafting methodology have led him to a creepy level of understanding of how language, words, phonics and inflections affect the human subconcious. This has led him to be adominant personality in the Information Security world, though he can often be found speaking on the topic outside of the industry.

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