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Classic Cons in Cryptocurrency - Wolfgang Goerlich & Zachary Sarakun (Circle City Con 2018 Videos) (Hacking Illustrated Series InfoSec Tutorial Videos)

Classic Cons in Cryptocurrency
Wolfgang Goerlich & Zachary Sarakun

@jwgoerlich & @ZakNCheeseIT
Circle City Con 2018

Cryptocurrency brings with it a slew of new security concerns: 51% attacks, forks, and encryption busting quantum computing. This talk will explore the latest while providing background information on Blockchain and the inherent security controls it brings. That said, any technology is only as secure as the implementation. Moreover, every new technology gets adapted on the street to fit old crimes. Stolen wallets. Pyramid schemes. Confidence tricks and more. We'll compare and contrast the crimes that the news media hypes and the cons that criminals routinely run.

J Wolfgang Goerlich supports information security initiatives for clients in the healthcare, education, financial services, and energy verticals. In his current role with CBI, a cyber security consultancy, Wolfgang is the vice president for strategic security programs. Wolfgang also leads the Academy teams, providing mentoring and guidance to the junior-level talent. Wolfgang regularly advises on and presents on the topics of risk management, incident response, business continuity, secure development life cycles, and more. Zak Sarakun is a software development Project Manager turned Cyber Security Analyst focusing on the "people side of security" on CBI's Strategic Programs team. He is a passionate lover of all things Information security, Emerging Technology, and Mac and Cheese. http://keybase.io/zakncheese

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