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Hacking the Jolla: An Intro to Assessing A Mobile Device - Vitaly McLain / Drew Suarez (Circle City Con 2015 Videose 2015) (Hacking Illustrated Series InfoSec Tutorial Videos)

Hacking the Jolla: An Intro to Assessing A Mobile Device
Vitaly McLain / Drew Suarez

Circle City Con 2015

In February of 2011, Nokia cancelled all of its Linux-based phone projects in favor Windows Mobile. As a result, many of the engineers working on its Maemo-based phones left and founded Jolla. Given funding but no intellectual property, they created the new Jolla Phone and Sailfish OS, a combination of open source and proprietary components. We will use the Jolla phone as a platform to introduce the audience to the process of assessing a mobile device. We will cover all areas, from the bootloader, to the OS, the apps, and even some hardware. As we talk about what we tried, what worked, and what didn't, we will introduce concepts applicable to any other mobile device. Specific attacks, as well as general techniques, will be covered. We hope the talk is interesting to those with and without experience in assessing such devices.

Bio: Vitaly McLain is a senior security consultant at Matasano, interested in breaking everything from web apps to mobile phones to anything else that accepts user input. Drew is a security consultant for Matasano Security with a focus in mobile application testing and research. Before moving into security, Drew worked with large scale UNIX environments for a variety of companies. In addition, Drew is a member of the CyanogenMod (open source side) team and has ported custom Android bootable firmware to dozens of devices. Besides facilitating the installation of custom code such as CyanogenMod, Drew likes working on unloved, problem devices with strange or nonstandard setups. Drew also writes and maintains the CyanogenMod wiki which helps users install CM on their stock Android devices using a variety of different exploits and techniques.

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