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Loosing our Reality: Understanding and combating the deep fake threat - Alyssa Miller (BSides Tampa 2020) (Hacking Illustrated Series InfoSec Tutorial Videos)

Loosing our Reality: Understanding and combating the deep fake threat
Alyssa Miller
BSides Tampa 2020

As a result of continuing advancements in AI, deep fake media has become increasingly convincing and easy to produce. Experts have warned of the impact this could have on elections and personal security. However, the threats that deep fakes pose to businesses and global markets are receiving less attention and are therefore not as well understood. This session will analyze both the societal as well as the business threats that we as security experts must consider. Threat vectors in terms of election and market manipulation, insider trading, extortion and theft of intellectual property will be presented and analyzed. Psychological research into the effects of disinformation campaigns will also be leveraged to provide further context regarding the full potential impact of these threats. However, while the erosion of our ability to trust what?s real can seem scary, researchers have been working to counteract these threats. Various low-tech as well as AI based solutions are being developed to help detect deep fake media. These will be analyzed to show their promise as well as their limitations. Additionally, research into possible countermeasures to help prevent deep fake creation will also be analyzed.

Alyssa Miller is a hacker, security evangelist, cyber security professional and public speaker with almost 15 years of experience in the security industry. She has always had a passion for deconstructing technology, particularly since buying her first computer at the age of 12 teaching herself BASIC programming. In her career, Alyssa has performed all forms of security assessments but given her developer background, she had a dedication to application security. She currently specializes in working with business and security leaders to design and deploy effective security programs that strengthen enterprise security strategy. Alyssa is also committed to evangelizing security. Not only does she speak internationally at various industry, vendor and corporate events, Alyssa also engages in the community through her online content, media appearances, and security community activism. Her journey through security was recently featured in an article by Cybercrime Magazine. She?s also been recognized in Peerlyst?s e-Book ?50 Influential Penetration Testers?. Alyssa is treasurer and member of the board for Women of Security (WoSEC) and is an Application Security Advocate for London-based Snyk Ltd.

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