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Movement After Initial Compromise - SleepZ3R0 and HA12TL3Y BSidesRDU 2018 (Hacking Illustrated Series InfoSec Tutorial Videos)

Movement After Initial Compromise
SleepZ3R0 and HA12TL3Y
BSidesRDU 2018

Once a system is compromised there are many avenues to consider. It brings up a lot of questions. Who am I on this network? Where am I in this network? Can I move to another system with my current permissions? Can I privilege escalate on my current system? We are going to go over enumeration utilizing “living off the land” techniques and on tools that an attacker can use for enumeration. Examples of some tools that we will go over for enumeration are SharpHound, Powersploit’s collection of Microsoft Powershell modules and others. We will then go into what is Port Forwarding and why it is useful. Then we will show several ways to execute Port Forwarding. We will have video examples for utilizing SOCKS in Cobalt Strike and SSH port forwarding techniques. Once enumeration is done we will go over how to move to another system on the network. We will provide multiple examples such as; WMIC, Psexec, AT, Schtasks, WINrm, Remote Registry, DCOM, Multi-relay, SMB-relay. Screenshot and videos will be provided during the talk. The last part we will go over is how to detect or attempt to protect against these techniques that attackers implement.

Matt Batten bio: Red Team Security Engineer conducting Red Team operations and penetration tests for SixGen. Matt has seven years of experience in the information security field and operated on an NSA Certified DOD Red Team. U.S. Marine Corps Veteran that specialized in Signals Intelligence. Current certifications include, CISSP, OSCP, CEH, and more. Collyn Hartley bio: Persistent Cyber Operator for NSA Certified DOD Red Team. Where my main focus is lateral movement and persistent access in a variety of DOD networks. My current certifications are CEH, Sec+, Net+, Linux+, OMA, WEA, and SANS511.

@SleepZ3R0, @HA12TL3Y

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