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BSides Nashville 2018 Videos (Hacking Illustrated Series InfoSec Tutorial Videos)

BSides Nashville 2018 Videos

These are the videos BSides Nashville 2018. Thanks to @lil_lost for inviting me down to record and being my bodyguard while in Nashville. Big thanks to Gabe Basset, Geoff Collins, Cameron and others for helping set up AV and record.


Know Your Why
Oladipupo (Ladi) Adefala

Deploying Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics in the Real World
Russell Butturini

An Oral History of Bug Bounty Programs
Dustin Childs

Blue Cloud of Death: Red Teaming Azure
Bryce Kunz

Brian Contos

Changing Who Writes the Queries: High-Leverage IR with Visual Playbooks & Visual Graph Analysis
Leo Meyerovich

Learning to Hack the IOT with the Damn Vulnerable Habit Helper IOT Device
Nancy Snoke, Phoenix Snoke

Hacking the Users: Developing the Human Sensor and Firewall
Erich Kron

Community Based Career Activities or How Having Fun Can Help You with Your Career
Kathleen Smith, Cindy Jones,Doug Munro, Magen Wu

Hillbilly Storytime - Pentest Fails
Adam Compton

See the ID Rules Before Us: FAL IAL AAL eh? Aaaagh!!! How, How, How, How?
Bruce Wilson

SAEDY: Subversion and Espionage Directed Against You
Judy Towers

What Happens in Vegas: Near Real-Time Vulnerability Visibility
Michael St. Vincent
(Not Recorded)

Growing Up to be a Infosec Policy Driven Organization
Frank Rietta

Adding Simulated Users to Your Pentesting Lab with PowerShell
Chris Myers, Barrett Adams

Hacking VDI 101
Patrick Coble

Evaluating Injection Attack Tools Through Quasi-Natural Experimentation
John O'Keefe-Odom

Social Engineering for the Blue Team
Timothy De Block


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