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Mom! I Broke My Insulin Pump... Again! - Jay "Rad" Radcliffe (BSides Las Vegas 2013) (Hacking Illustrated Series InfoSec Tutorial Videos)

Mom! I Broke My Insulin Pump... Again! - Jay "Rad" Radcliffe

Exactly two years ago I gave a presentation on weaknesses in diabetic medical devices, and how similar they were to industrial SCADA systems. Well, I got a new insulin pump, and I have managed to find more problems. This will be a very unique talk where the audience will get to see over a dozen different diabetic devices, touch and poke at them, ask how they work and see them attached to me.  Also part of the discussion will be these devices in context: How are they used' What are the implications of their failure' There will also be a live demo of a critical software flaw that has never been discussed publicly!  There will be needles. There will be blood. There's a chance the speaker might not even survive.

BIO: Jay "Rad" Radcliffe has been working in the computer security field for over twelve years and is currently a Senior Security Analyst for InGuardians. Jay was diagnosed with Diabetes on his 22nd birthday, and after a difficult diagnosis discovered he was an insulin dependent Type I diabetic. His geek resume includes being a licensed ham radio operator since he was 12 ex-n8rhv, now n8os), building all kinds of VHF and HF antennas, using a TRS80 as a toddler and writing TURBO BASIC programs in the 2nd grade.


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