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Bsides Las Vegas 2012 Videos (Hacking Illustrated Series InfoSec Tutorial Videos)

BSides Las Vegas 2012 Videos

These are the videos from the BSides Las Vegas conference. Thanks to all of the BSides Crew for having me out to help record and render the videos.

@bsideslv, @banasidhe, @kickfroggy, @quadling, @jack_daniel 

Breaking Ground

KEYNOTE, Jack Daniel: "The State of Security BSides"

Matt Weeks: "Ambush - Catching Intruders At Any Point"

Robert Rowley: "Max Level Web App Security"

Davi Ottenheimer: "Big Data's Fourth V: Or Why We'll Never Find the Loch Ness Monster"

HD Moore: "Empirical Exploitation"

Christopher Lytle: "Puzzle Competitions and You"

Parth Patel: "Introducing 'Android Security Evaluation Framework' - ASEF"

Terry Gold: "RFID LOL"

Raphael Mudge: "Force Multipliers for Red Team Operations"

Andrew Hay & Matt Johansen: "Applications and Cloud and Hackers, Oh My!"

Brendan O'Connor: "Reticle: Dropping an Intelligent F-BOMB"

Josh Sokol/Dan Cornell:"The Magic of Symbiotic Security: Creating an Ecosystem of Security Systems"

James Lester & Joseph Tartaro: "Burp Suite: Informing the 99% of what the 1%'ers are knowingly taking advantage of."

dc949 - "Stiltwalker: Round 2"

Gillis Jones: "The Badmin project: (Na-na- nanana Na-na-nanana BADMIN)"

IPv6 Panel / Drinking Game

Proving Ground

Michael Fornal: "How I managed to break into the InfoSec World with only a tweet and an email."

David Keene: "Breaking Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains - an insiders guide"

William Ghote: "Lotus Notes Password Hash Redux"

Spencer McIntyre: "How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love the Smart Meter"

Christopher Campbell "Shot With Your OwnGun: How Appliances are Used Against You."

Shawn Asmus, Kristov Widak: “Mirror Mirror – Reflected PDF Attacks using SQL Injection”

Georgia Weidman: "Introducing the Smartphone Penetration Testing Framework"

Phil Young: "Mainframed - The Forgotten Fortress"

Walt Williams: "Metrics that Suck Even Less"

Conrad Constantine: "The Leverage of Language: or : How I Realized Information Theory could Save Information Security"

Jason Ding: "The Blooming Social Media Economics Built on "Fake" Identities

Lightning Talks

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