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BSides Knoxville 2015 Videos (Hacking Illustrated Series InfoSec Tutorial Videos)

BSides Knoxville 2015 Videos

These are the videos BSides Knoxville 2015. Thanks to Aaron, Tim and Nicolas for the video help.

Travis Goodspeed

How I’ve hacked and un-hacked a logic game (20 years to Lights Out)
Gyora Benedek

Finding Bad Guys with 35 million Flows, 2 Analysts, 5 Minutes and 0 Dollars
Russell Butturini

Dumping the ROM of the Most Secure Sega Genesis Game Ever Created: A Reverse Engineering Story
Brandon Wilson (not recorded)

Phishing: Going from Recon to Credentials
Adam Compton, Eric Gershman

Multipath TCP - Breaking Today's Networks with Tomorrow's Protocols
Catherine Pearce

High Performance Fuzzing
Richard Johnson

Cyber Cyber Cyber: Student Security Competitions
Eric Gershman, Raymond Borges

The Impossibility of Protecting the Enterprise at $7.25 an hour
Kevin Thomas

 I've met the enemy information security and it is us
Slade Griffin

The Poetry of Secrets: An Introduction to Cryptography
Eric Kolb

From Broadcast to Totally Pwned
Russel Van Tuyl, Matt Smith

Introducing User-Centered Design to Augment Human Performance in Cyber Warfare
Frank Cohee, Joe Davis

Back to the Future
Neil Desai

Virtualized Routers Soup to Nuts
Jeff Nichols, Benjamin Taylor, Tommy Hardin



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