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Sensory Perception: A DIY approach to building a sensor network - Tim Fowler (BSides Huntsville 2014) (Hacking Illustrated Series InfoSec Tutorial Videos)

Sensory Perception: A DIY approach to building a sensor network
Tim Fowler

Have you ever put a wireless card in monitor mode just to look at the airwaves around you? Did you get a lot of data? The amount of data that traverses the airwaves every day is staggering. From smartphones, laptops, tablets and even the cars we drive, it seems that everything is broadcasting some sort of data. We just need a way to capture all of that data and turn that data into something useful. This talk will walk through the history and process of building the Harbinger Sensor Network and how you can build your very own for almost any budget. Just getting the data is only half the battle, now you must do something with it. Finally this presentation looks at how someone can leverage the data collected from a single sensor to 10,000 or more sensors deployed all over world for good?evil and a few things in between.

Bio: Tim Fowler is a security consultant with the Western North Carolina security firm mountainsec LLC. He frequently speaks throughout the Southeast on various topics ranging from information security, open source in the enterprise and emerging open source technologies. Formally an IT Administrator for a large automotive manufacturer and an open source network appliance developer, Tim has spent years developing an understanding of the weaknesses and issues that we as an industry are currently dealing with in our IT departments today. Over the last 7 years, he has devoted a lot of time to specifically researching, testing and creating education and awareness programs around wireless (in)security and the issues that plague 802.11.

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