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Getting Started - Help Me Help You - David Trollman BSides Detroit 2015 (Hacking Illustrated Series InfoSec Tutorial Videos)

Getting Started - Help Me Help You
David Trollman

You're pwnt. It's a Friday afternoon and you just got some sketchy email, some reporter just called your PR person, or the Feds somehow sent you a fax (even though you don't own a fax machine) and some dudes whose first names start with Special Agent darken your door. They don't tell you much, so now you're wondering - WTF should I do. Before you call high-priced consultants - like me - help me help you. Let's be honest, if you screw things up right at the beginning, I'm going to be there a lot longer than you want me - I'll be unhappy and you'll be unhappy with the results. During this talk, I'll tell you what to do, and what not do; where to look, and where not to look; what to say, and what not to say when badness happens to you. Also, I'll walk through a quick scenario and together we'll get stumble our way through a series of free (as in beer) tools to help you collect only and store the valuable, volatile data so you can safely shut down your system, unplug the interwebz, and go out for that well-deserved drink.

Dave has been doing IT and IT Security for nearly 14 years. Prior to its recent acquisition, Dave was the Director of Incident Response for Resolution1 Security. Dave directed security teams and operations for the vaunted General Electric CIRT (GE-CIRT). As a US Air Force Cyber Defense Officer - Dave led Incident Response operations for the groundbreaking AFCERT, helping to develop the "fight-through" cyber defense concept. He also oversaw a joint cyber operations team for the forerunner unit of US Cyber Command at Ft. Meade, MD. In his career, Dave has led Incident Response operations for everything from epic 1000+ system APT-intrusions to the latest, lamest, and most-painful CryptoWall infections. Dave has previously presented talks on Incident Response operations and Cyber Threat Inteliigence at BSidesSF, the Detroit CISO Roundtable, the Defense Cyber Crime Conference (DC3), and Air University. His most recent blogs on cyber security and incident response can be found at [http://resolution1security.com/blog](http://resolution1security.com/blog). A Detroit-area native, Dave is an military and academic honors graduate of the US Air Force Academy and Central Michigan University.

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