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BSidesCharm 2018 Videos (Hacking Illustrated Series InfoSec Tutorial Videos)

BSidesCharm 2018 Videos

These are the videos BSidesCharm (Baltimore) 2018. Thanks for inviting me down to record. Thanks to my video team Shawn Thomas, Cory, Terry Holman, Thomas Moses, Jason Presmy and Martin Veloso.


Jessica Payne

To AI or Not to AI? What the US Military Needs for Fighting Cyber Wars
Ernest Wong

Preparing for Incident Handling and Response within Industrial Control Networks
Mark Stacey

FailTime:​ ​ Failing​ ​ towards​ ​ Success
Sean Metcalf

Getting Saucy with APFS! - The State of Apple’s New File System
Sarah Edwards

Basic Offensive Application of MOF Files in WMI Scripting
Devon Bordonaro

An Open Source Malware Classifier and Dataset
Phil Roth

Counting Down to Skynet
Nolan Hedglin

How we reverse engineered OSX/Pirrit, got legal threats and survived
Amit Serper

Threat Activity Attribution: Diferentiatinn the Who from the How
Joe Slowik

Quantify your hunt: not your parents’ red teaming
Devon Kerr

Breaking and Entering: Lessons Learned from a Federal Penetration Tester
Joseph Misher

Internet Anarchy & The Global March toward Data Localization
Andrea Little Limbago

Powershell Deobfuscation: Putting the toothpaste back in the tube
Daniel Grant

Effective Monitoring for Operational Security
Russell Mosley Ryan St. Germain

Plight at the end of the Tunnel
Anjum Ahuja

Rise of the Miners
Josh Grunzweig

Malware Analysis and Automation using Binary Ninja
Erika Noerenberg

Between a SOC and a Hard Place
Shawn Thomas Andrew Marini James Callahan Dustin Shirley

Using Atomic Red Team to Test Endpoint Solutions
Adam Mathis

Exercise Your SOC: How to run an effective SOC response simulation
Brian Andrzejewski

Adding Simulated Users to Your Pentesting Lab with PowerShell
Chris Myers Barrett Adams

Building a Predictive Pipeline to Rapidly Detect Phishing Domains
Wes Connell

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