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Threat Hunting - Thinking About Tomorrow - Tazz (BSidesCharm 2017) (Hacking Illustrated Series InfoSec Tutorial Videos)

Threat Hunting - Thinking About Tomorrow


BSidesCharm 2017

The presentation addresses a gap in industry regarding strategic threat intelligence and tactical intelligence in the digital realm. Today the threat intelligence that is vehemently demanded and produced address only the battle, not the war. Terms such as 0-day and Actionable Intel have driven threat hunters into a world where our intel consumer has developed a dangerous case of near-sightedness, only concerned about the 50m threat unable to fathom one existing beyond the 300m target. A lack of experience and diversity among analysts in the intelligence community has created both a knowledge and experience gap that threatens our ability to truly understand our enemy. There is a breed of analyst needed on the Threat Hunter team to fight the fight on the digital battle fronts and win. That analyst is one who embodies more than just technical skills to hunt malware, but one who can think like a criminal anticipate the next target and beat the bad guy to it. This presentation will discuss the differences between tactical and strategic intelligence, the skills a successful strategic analyst should hold, and examples of how real world events translate into attacks/threats in the digital world.

Tazz is a security veteran whose technology interests began with Atari and she was amazed when a word processor had enough memory to hold multiple lines. She’s been involved with technology since 1997 starting her career in communications, after which she completed her degree. She’s had various IT roles and responsibilities over the years to include Field Software (Breaker/Fixer) Engineer, System Administrator of Chaos, IA Hoodlum, Compliance Sorceress, Information Security Cat Herder, & Security Architect. She enjoys fitness, horseback riding, weather above 70F, and anything full of laughs and weird people.

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