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When penguins attack - Linux's role in the malware ecosystem - (BSides Boston 2015) (Hacking Illustrated Series InfoSec Tutorial Videos)

When penguins attack - Linux's role in the malware ecosystem

Chester Wisniewski

BSides Boston 2015

Linux servers are some of the most highly valued assets for opportunistic online criminals. Nearly 80% of the servers online used for malicious web pages are using Unix or Linux hosts. In this presentation I will detail: 1. What types of malware are we seeing target Linux systems? While the landscape continually evolves, we see far greater numbers of legacy infections on Linux than other platforms. 2. How are these systems being monetized? Most criminals are in it for the money. There are numerous ways to cash in on a compromised Linux host that can yield good returns for criminals. 3. How do we better defend our hosts to prevent exploitation? Many of the adversaries are far from advanced, so why is it we still fall victim? Many best practices are ignored by the operators of much of the world's internet hosting infrastructure. A few simple steps could go a long way toward not just better protecting our servers and our brands, but also toward creating a safer neighborhood for our Windows and Mac loving friends.

Bio: Chester "Chet" Wisniewski is a Senior Security Advisor at Sophos with more than 15 years experience in the security industry. In his current role, Chester conducts research into computer security and online privacy with the goal of making security information more accessible to the public, the media and IT professionals. Chester frequently writes articles for the award-winning Naked Security blog, produces the weekly podcast "Sophos Security Chet Chat" and is a frequent speaker at conferences and in the press.

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