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Cyphercon 2.0 Videos (Hacking Illustrated Series InfoSec Tutorial Videos)

Cyphercon 2.0 Videos

These are the videos from the Cyphercon 2.0 conference. Thanks to Michael Goetzman for having me out to record, and Paul and Tom for helping record.

Opening Ceremony
CypherCon Organizors

David "Heal" Schwartzberg

Beyond the Fringe: Anomalies of Consciousness, Experience, and Scientific Research
Richard Thieme

Cluster Cracking Passwords & MDXfind
Robert Reif

A Look Behind the Scenes of DEFCON DarkNet
Ed Abrams (zeroaltitude), Demetrius Comes (cmdc0de)

Democrats and Republicans Agree: Our Cybersecurity Stinks
Jonathan Lampe

Modern Evasion Techniques
Jason Lang

Let's Get Physical
Doug Rogahn

JavasCrypto: How we are using browsers as Cryptographic Engines
Kat Traxler

Can Cryptography Frustrate Fascism?
Phillip Rogaway

Threat Intelligence 101: Basics without Buzzwords

Explore Wisconsin Hacker History
Brad Swanson

Brain Based Authentication
Melanie Segado, Sydney Swaine-Simon

The Upside Down: Going from NetSec to AppSec
Cody Florek

Tracking/Monitoring WiFi devices without being connected to any network
Caleb Madrigal

Wireless Capture the Flag
Eric Escobar

KEYNOTE: The History of Video Game Console Hacking
Dan Loosen

Protecting Passwords with Oblivious Cryptography
Adam Everspaugh

A Look Behind the Scenes of DEFCON DarkNet - Part II - Part II
Ed Abrams (zeroaltitude), Demetrius Comes (cmdc0de)

Forensic Deconstruction of Databases through Direct Storage Carving
Dr. Alexander Rasin

WordPress polyfills for PHP
John Jacoby

Espionage & Soviet MiGs
Dave Roebke

Naked and Vulnerable: A Cybersecurity Starter Kit
Shannon Fritz

Wasn't DLP supposed to fix this?
Amit Riswadkar (FeMaven)

IoT Security Privacy Weaknesses & Ransomware
Rick Ramgattie

Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning: 'Real' Use Cases for IT/Security Professionals
John Platais

From zero to Bender in 12 months, how a software guy turned hardware

Badge Panel

Does DoD Level Security Work in the Real World?
Jeff Man


Closing Ceremony
CypherCon Organizors


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