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VBScript to Randomize Host Name

VBScript to Randomize Host Name

        Glj12 sent me this VBScript to host for him. It runs in XP but Vista may take a little work. Here is its function in Glj12's own words:

This program was written in VBScript, and I encourage the community to tweak and do what you may with this program.

How it works: The idea is that when it is executed, it copies itself to the root directory of Windows, and a new registry key is made in the CurrentVersion\Run directory, therefore enabling the script to occur each time on the startup. Each time the script runs, it changes the computer name and the netbios name as well to a random set of numbers, such as "0.5701715."

How to install: Extract the script anywhere such as the desktop, double click to execute. Delete the file, and you are done!

Why?: You may be thinking to yourself, "Why would I want to do that?" Take this scenario for example: You have a laptop that you bring with you to connect to the network regularly at some place or another. Since you are a regular, you are recognized by your netbios name consistently. With this program, you maintain anonymity, and are recognized as a new individual technically each time upon connecting to this regular connection.

Uninstall: If you wish to remove this script, simply do either of the following; go to start>run>msconfig>Startup>uncheck "computername." Restart, done. One other way would be to simply delete the script from the Windows root directory.

This is a nice program to simply have running in the background so that you do not have to worry about anonymous issues. This would go hand-in-hand with a MAC address generator. Enjoy, and e-mail any suggestions to irongeek or me at glj12(-at-)flanga.net.

Download Script

By the way, Glj12 and I are working on another project to compliment this one. We hope to have a version out soon. In the mean time check out this article on MAC address Spoofing.

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