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Lockade: Locksport Electronic Games

Lockade: Locksport Electronic Games

        This page is mostly going to be a place holder till I get all the games up. Gamification can make learning more fun, and some people are inspired and motivated by competition. This talk will be on integrating hobbyist electronics with lock picking games. We will show rough schematics, release code, and invite people to play the games at the con.

Ammo Can Bomb

This one is inspired by DOSMan. It is fairly simple time based game with light and sound.

Source Code

Video Demo:


Locktari & Early Stages of Lockputer - Computer Based Lockpicking Tutorial System

Very rough demo video of what I have planed for computer based lock picking training.


Ammo Can Via Laser Cutter

    I've made a pattern so you can laser cut lock components. It's made to fit Harbor Freight Ammo Can. The washers are designed to fit standard 3/4 cam lock and a 30x5x3mm neodymium bar magnet as a contact point for the cam so it can act as an electric switch. The vector file can be found here lockgameplate.svg


    I made a "picktorial" computer with  a Raspberry Pi. The idea is you push a button and you get a tutorial on how to pick that particular lock. Here are some videos talking about the the construction.

Thanks to @trineox: for pic


Early stages, it is all 5v in the final version


A little further along


Mostly final version of the Picktorial

If you want the source code, here you go:

I've not included the videos as they 1. Suck and 2. are dependent on your physical layout. Still, it should give you a general idea on how to use the Raspberry Pi's GPIO pins to queue videos.



Ideas from talk submission:

Detailed Outline:
0. What is lock sport and my inspiration?
	a. DOSMan
	c. Deviant Ollam
1. What is Gamification?
2. Simple tools needed (or at least helpful)
	a. Drill/rotary tool
	b. Saws
	c. Jigs
3. Material (scronging and buying)
	a. Lock types
		* Cam locks
		* Door cylinders 
		* Pad locks
	b. Wood
	c. Enclosures
	d. Wiring 
	e. Making locks into switches
	f. Platforms
		* Teensy
		* Arduino
		* Android
4. The Games
	a. DOSMan's Ammo Can Bomb 
	(Look like a bomb counting down that you must pick multiple locks on to defuse)
		* Design 
		* Parts
		* Construction
	b. Irongeek's Ammo Can Bomb
	(Look like a bomb counting down that you must pick multiple locks on to defuse)
		* Design 
		* Parts
		* Construction 
		* Code
	c. DOSMan's Lock Love Tester
		* Design 
		* Parts
		* Construction
	d. Irongeek's Pickboy
	(Small, handheld game for practicing using mounted cam lock)
		* Design 
		* Parts
		* Construction 
		* Code
	e. DOSMan's "The Rumble Challenge"
	(automated drinking game that poors yous shots deending on how well you pick. More details here:
	http://www.bloominglabs.org/index.php/Lockpicking_contest_system )
		* Design 
		* Parts
		* Construction 
		* Code
	g. Irongeek's Padlock Post
	(Using padlockable cams or staple hasps as a switching mechanism. Should be simple to build.)
		* Design 
		* Parts
		* Construction 
		* Code
	f. Irongeek's Lockputer Trainer
	(Uses a simple Teensy or Arduino to send keystrokes to a Kiosk browser Javascript appliction on an Android to queue up videos and teach folks to pick. Hope to have one ready by Defcon)
		* Design 
		* Parts
		* Construction 
		* Code
5. Other ideas
	a. Head to head game play 
		* You Picked my Battleship
		* Pick-Tack-Toe?

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