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ADS Reaper Admin Tool


    This is an early release of ADSReaper, a little admin program I wrote. It was meant original to be just for the library where I work but I tried to abstract it so it would work at other places that use Active Directory. Requirements: An ADS Domain, WMI and Windows 2000 or newer. Currently ADSReaper can do the following things to machines in your ADS domain: 

Scan For Service Pack (From ADS Object)
Scan For Software (Admin Only)
Set Password Wizard (Admin Only)
Add Admin User (Admin Only)
Remove Admin User (Admin Only)
Show File System Info (Admin Only)
Find Computer Type (Admin Only)
Audit Security Failures  (crude) (Admin Only)
Show Local Admins (Admin Only)
Scan for Logged in User (Admin Only)
Show Logins (Admin Only)
Show TCP Established Connections (Admin Only)

    To use ADSReaper point Ldap:// at your ADS domain and set the filter to only work on the machines you want (For example, to get all machine whose name starts with B enter "b*"). Try to keep it so the query returns 50 or less results (real important if you have a big domain), other wise when ADSReaper starts multiple instances of it's self it will bog your machine to hell. This software is in serious beta mode, if it starts to bog down your machine you can drop out to a command line and type "taskkill /im adsreaper" to try and recover. Please send error reports to me and use this program at your own risk.


Download ADSReaper Binary Only

Dowload ADSReaper With Runtimes


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